Almost all of the material we cut is re-used in some way.

Smaller material is chipped using our industry leading Forst ST6 woodchipper – providing chip to required sizes for various applications, including pathways, bedding mulch, composting. We can chip in-situ, or into the back of our high capacity tipping vehicles to either tip it elsewhere onsite or remove the produce from site.

If required we can mill any larger timber to planks so you can get some use out of your felled tree. We will advise on the species suitability, probability of decay, and cost of production.

We can process the wood into firewood logs on site using our mobile petrol powered splitter and chainsaws. This can prove to be a really good value source of firewood. Otherwise we can leave the wood onsite in manageable pieces, or remove it from site.

We process and sell seasoned hardwood logs. Contact us for availability.

We sell most of our softwood to firewood merchants in large pieces, they commonly process it or use it to heat their kilns for drying their hardwood logs.

We often have fresh “green” woodchip which we will deliver in bulk free, locally to where we are working, at our convenience. Please contact us if you are interested in free woodchip.

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